I’m Gerrit, Digital Asset Fund Manager

Bridging The Gap Between Normal People and Digital Assets

Hi my name is Gerrit Blankers. I have been an investor in the Digital Asset space since 2017. My goal for this company is to allow the average investor have financial exposure to the extraordinary gains in the cryptocurrency market.

I bought multiple Bitcoins in 2019 for an average cost of $3,600 each. I bought multiple Ethereum in 2019 for an average cost of $110 each.

After my personal success, I am ready to provide this service to friends and family.


Digital Asset Expertise

Taking the safest bets within the Digital Asset market is essential to consistent success. Our Large Cap Cryptocurrency Fund focuses on the most trustworthy digital assets in the market. Most of our trades will be taking advantage of the Long Term Capital Gains tax.

Invest With Us

Anyone can invest with us. The minimum investment requirement is $5,000. This allows our team to trade your money with elite precision. We take 2% fee on profit only. No fees on any other business activity. If you make $10,000 profit – then we get $200.

This fee structure is significantly lower than the industry standard. The goal is to help out friends and family.

Contact us at: GBDigitalAssets@gmail.com

Advanced Financial Reporting

All required tax documentation will be provided annually. Advanced financial metrics on your investment will be tracked closely.

Quarterly Report and Forecast

As a client, you will receive a quarterly email from our team with financial metrics regarding your investment. We will provide a forecast for price targets and buy/sell timing within the market.

Free Client Advisory Services​

If you cannot meet the minimum $5,000 investment requirement; We provide free buy and sell signals for big opportunities in the Digital Asset market. Reach out to us via email at GBDigitalAssets@gmail.com

Contact Us – GBDigitalAssets@gmail.com

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